Learning for Life Ministry at GUMC

Next Term begins Sunday, October 20, 2019

Classes  will take place on October 20, 27, November 3, 10

Computer Coding:  Participants will learn to download the Python coding

program, will learn features such as commands to input, run, and output data,

and will write two short programs. This class is limited to six.

Quilting:  Class members will learn to cut and sew squares to make a block and

will assemble them into a small quilt.  Please bring a portable sewing machine if

you have one.

Rock Painting:  This is a repeat of a popular class.  Rock painting is fun, relaxing, and you can paint rocks to share with others or to leave in unexpected places.  The theme this term is “Rocks for the Holidays.”

Understanding Addiction:  Everyone can benefit from learning more about addiction.  This class is for persons who have a substance abuse disorder, their family members and friends, and all who may be affected by this problem in any way.  You will learn the science of addiction, how to talk about addiction, information about addiction and spirituality, and information about naloxone.

Classes take place on Sunday evenings.  At 5:30 pm, a light supper will be served in our Fellowship Hall by our church members and Concerned Women, Inc., of Grovetown for children and adults who are registered. Classes begin at 6:00 pm and last for one hour.

Learning For Life at GUMC is designed to provide free, practical classes for life enrichment to those who want to learn new skills and helpful information. While no credit is offered for classes, participants will gain valuable information and will have opportunities to forge new relationships.

Jesus said that he came so people can have life, and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). While his life, death and resurrection provide the way to eternal life, he spent his earthly ministry touching lives through preaching, teaching, healing, and loving those with whom he came in contact.

Since the church is Jesus’ hands and feet in the world today, we at Grovetown United Methodist Church are offering a way for people to have life more abundantly by helping them learn skills for better living in a safe and caring environment. Classes are offered on a variety of topics such as money management, basic mechanics, crafting, and parenting. Perhaps they can use these skills in business or at home with their families. New topics are offered for each six-week term so be sure to check this site often for updates.

Classes are taught in five-or six-week terms followed by short breaks after which a new set of classes begins. Classes are selected based on suggestions from church and community members and availability of qualified teachers. All teachers are either from our church or are experts from the community. All serve on a voluntary basis.

Activities for children and teens are also available for families of those attending classes. These activities are led by people who love and respect children. Each leader has had a criminal background check and will have received Safe Sanctuaries training (Specialized training for safe child-care).

Future classes will be selected based on participant response and request as well as availability of teachers.

Not only does Learning For Life at GUMC give people opportunities to enhance their lives through learning, people in the community who want to help enrich the lives of others may want to teach classes in their areas of expertise or to serve in some other way. There will be forms available and opportunities for participants and others to sign up to help.

Other ministries will be added as an outgrowth to Learning For Life at GUMC, such as our Blessing Box.  As we add new ministries to meet the needs of the Grovetown community, many will be afforded the opportunities to use their gifts, talents and skills in service. People can also be involved in enriching the lives of others by donating items and supplies for classes, children’s and teen’s activities, or for outgrowth ministries such as the Blessing Box.